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UK & International Media Relations
We have excellent personal relationships with key editors and freelancers across leading UK and international titles. We are experts at understanding what your target market is reading and how to place you within the right pages to reach that audience.
Creative Initiatives
We know that creative content drives press interest. We strategically plan and implement initiatives to ensure there is a consistent buzz around your brand, taking current trends and the social calendar into consideration.
Collaborations & Partnerships
We love to facilitate collaborations with like-minded brands; ensuring you are working with the best in the industry with a shared ethos to yours.
Event Management
We have extensive experience organising and hosting events. From product launches, restaurant and bar openings to exhibitions and international festivals, we take charge of alcohol sponsorship, locating venues, supplier suggestions, ensuring key influencers and press are in attendance, and managing guest list and diary press.
Product Placement
We are well versed in getting products in to the publications that count and driving sales for our clients. We work with our clients to ascertain their target markets and make sure they are being placed in publications their customers read.
Industry Introductions
We thrive on cross-networking our clients and leveraging our contacts across the luxury, design and hospitality industries. You never know where an informal meeting can lead.
Social Media Management
We are able to create dynamic and engage content for your social media feeds as well as building an engaged and targeted following. We also can use our connections within the food, drink, restaurant, travel and lifestyle sectors to start meaningful conversations on social platforms.
Marketing Strategy
We work with our clients to create a bespoke marketing plan for driving footfall and sales. We ensure each strategy is tailor made for the client from hyper local business targeting to wider national campaigns. Connecting them with the right people is key to increasing sales.